Countries with the biggest potential in pipeline transportation

BGS Group continues the series of interviews with speakers of the Transportation Oil and Gas Congress (TOGC 2020). This time we also included an option to ask your own question to these speakers. Click here and type it. Your question will be anonymous.

What are the countries that have the biggest potential in pipeline transportation?


Søren Juel Hansen
Head of Development


José Augusto Gomes Campos
Business Development Director - Power, Oil and Gas
Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia

"As said, we are immersed in the Brazilian market, and some other pipelines / LNG projects in Africa. I truly believe these markets will allow us to continue our development in the sector."

Liapis Nikos
Supply and Operations Director

"Middle East and Eats Med countries are and will be the energy crossroad."


Stamatia Papadopoulou
Head of Integrity & Risks Section

"East Mediterranean countries."


Gerd Füssinger
Head of Département Pipeline Assets
Swissgas AG

"Cambodia, Brasil, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Tunisia"

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