BGS delegate is a person who comes to the event to work hard and learn a lot. Being the delegate at our event you are involved for 2 days in the networking and you learn from the presentations of the industry leaders. In 2 days you meet top companies who have active pipeline projects for face-to-face communication, ask questions to the speakers who are on the stage and join all the sessions, round tables, and panel discussions. 

This format is for you if:

  • you are a newcomer to the industry;
  • you are interested in other companies’ expertise;
  • your aim is active networking;
  • you want to try a closed-door format for the 1st time.

Useful to achieve the following business goals:

  • find partners & investors for projects
  • learn about current pipeline-related projects & technologies
  • face-to-face networking with industry leaders

Register as a Delegate

Please fill in this form in order to get more information (Brochure and the Project of the Delegates) sent to your email address. In addition, a representative of our company will contact you for confirmation of the participation format.